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‘It’s all about being out there and looking’, so says the photographer Adam Geary as he outlines his distinctive way of making pictures.


His two latest books take us on a journey through the city and to the edge of the sea and beyond. 


In Guiding Light ( ISBN 978099565170-1-5 ) rocks and objects to create mysterious worlds of our imagination. Shot on the remote beaches in the western isles of Scotland, places are revealed where time and the elements have created remarkable archives formed over millions of years. His pictures remind us that natural objects can hold the weight of personal experience and memory.


Codex (ISBN  9780995651170-0-8 ) reviews the last five years of Adam Geary’s photographic output and takes us on a journey through the city.


Simple and whole they are  pictures that encourage us to slow down and be cognisant of place.  Highlighting the ordinary and elevating it to the extraordinary, the pictures encourage us to measure the distance we travel through the changing light of the day and in his own words:


“There is not enough silence in our cities. The rumours of the past rustle in our ears and compete with the noise of the present. Occasionally the light reveals itself and quiet moments appear.”


 Adam Geary lives and works in Scotland. He studied photography at Derby in the late 80s and has exhibited widely,publishing over 14 books. Producing books is his main photographic distribution channel. Check out the books on the website or visit;